Down the Drain

A few years ago I went visiting my niece in Minneapolis, Minnesota and before I went to bed the first night, I went into the bathroom to take a shower. I laid my clothes in one corner of the bathroom and before I jumped in the shower I leaned over their sink to take my chain and cross off of my neck but as I was looking in the mirror to see how to undue the chain, one side slipped out of my fingers and the cross hit the sink and went down the sink.

This chain and cross meant so much to me since I bought it in Rome about 3 years before this and I treasured it but I was saddened of the loss of it, but the first thing I thought of was my guardian angels and I asked her to please find it and put it in some conspicuous place for me to find it, and I thanked my angel and took my shower and went to bed.

A couple days later we left to Detroit Lakes, Minnesota to stay with my son and family. I was there for a couple of days so used their washing machine. When I reached the last things in the washer to move to the dryer, I felt something at the bottom of the machine. I picked it up and couldn't believe my eyes! It was my cross that went down the drain in Minneapolis!

At first I asked my daughter-in-law if it was her cross and she said, "no I have never seen it before." Then I knew it was my guardian angel that put it there, and I thanked my angel for finding it and placing it where I could find it. I praised God for giving me such wonderful angels to help me in such a special way.

Now I ask my angels to help me in many ways and they always come through and help me, I feel so blessed and thankful but I know God gave us these special angels to help us but all it takes is to ask them for their help. It says right in the Bible, "Ask and you shall receive," now I am not afraid to ask because I know they come from God and were given to us to bless us for the asking. I know I feel their presence at times and I feel so blessed and thankful to our wonderful Father who gives us everything we need and at the perfect timing.

I pray that everyone will take advantage of their special angels who really want us to have a special relationship with them because they really do care for us and we must acknowledge them and thank them each day and ask for their help always because they truly want to help us.

Merona Reller