"Ghost" at the End of Our Bed

My story happened more than 25 years ago when I was still in High school. I didn't think of that incident anymore until I started reading stories about angels. I knew even then that it was a Divine intervention but being young and so much things happening then in my life, I just kept the story as part of the past.

I came from a big family of 7 from a very conservative and religious upbringing. But soon as my dad started working overseas, things had changed in my family particularly my older brother who's 6 years senior than me. He started partying with friends, drinking heavy and dropped from college. My mom couldn't control him anymore having to raise us, her other 6 kids and tending her small business. I grew up distant from my older brother. On the other hand, I was very close to my younger brother who was only 3 years younger than me. We shared room and bed from elementary to high school.

I can't remember why but that one particular night, my older brother joined us in our bed. I was positioned in the middle of my two brothers, my older brother on my right side while my younger brother on my left side. We were all sleeping soundly when around midnight, I suddenly woke up. I was feeling very cold. I noticed that my blanket was only covering my waist down hence I tried to pull it up with my eyes still closed.

The blanket seemed to be stuck at the bottom of our bed, so I tried to pull it up again. I pulled and pulled but someone seemed to be pulling it back. I was so frightened, I wanted to cry but I was afraid that I might wake my brothers up. Still feeling very cold and afraid, I just pulled my legs and knees towards my chest thinking that, that mysterious someone might pull my feet next. I didn't want to open my eyes either, I was so afraid to look.

Suddenly, my fear was doubled when my older brother started to make strange sound in his sleep. He was moaning and crying as if he was running for his life. He was having a nightmare! I was so terrified and didn't know what to do!...I didn't want to make any movement or open my eyes either coz I was afraid of the "ghost" at the bottom of our bed, but I need to wake up my brother coz I was also afraid that if I don't my brother might die. I'd heard of people dying in their sleep while having nightmares.

At an instance, I elbowed my older brother on his side then I froze. My older brother woke up but I didn't move. I was waiting for my older brother to say something but he didn't say anything. I thought he didn't see the ghost at the bottom of our bed. When my brother went back to sleep, I started moving a little. I was still afraid but I felt a bit of relief knowing my brother was over his nightmare.

I pulled up my blanket a little thinking that if I pull hard, the "ghost" might notice it. Surprisingly, the blanket was loose. I pulled more and more until I was able to cover my whole body. The next thing I knew after that it was morning and I wasn't feeling scared anymore.

Later on that day, I overheard my older brother telling my family that how thankful he was that I accidentally hit him while we were sleeping which woke him up while he was having a nightmare, otherwise he could have died that night. I didn't say anything to anyone but I believe that God purposely woke me up to use me to save my brother's life and realized that the "ghost" that I thought at the bottom of our bed was not a ghost but my guardian angel.

I kept this story quiet for many years and I believe that God has allowed me to recall that incident in my life again so I can share it to many people, encourage them to believe in Divine Intervention and serve as an inspiration for others who have related stories to share them also.

Thanks for reading my story and truly, our guardian angels watch us even in our sleep!....Osi