Time of Despair

I have a guardian angel who has come to me a few times during my life, to help me through times of despair.

This angel story takes place about one or two days before the sudden death of my daughter. During the days previous to this, I was at my wits end because I was having a great deal of trouble managing some pain. It was becoming an increasingly serious problem. One night when I was at my lowest, as I lay in bed, I asked God why I could not be healed of this pain. I asked what have I done to deserve this.

As I lay there, I felt a pressure on my shoulders and chest as if someone was giving me a strong hug. The pressure frightened me a bit because I felt if it got any tighter I would not be able to breath, so I moved and sort of shook it off. After a couple of minutes, as I lay there on my back, I began to feel a pressure on my side which felt like someone was sitting on the bed beside me and leaning on me.

I have a very large cat and I thought it was him. After about 5 minutes of this it began to hurt because I have trouble with the muscles on that one side, so I reached down to move the cat but he wasn't there. That pressure went away but immediately I felt a hand cup my toes, which was sticking out from under the blankets. I shook my foot to break loose of this and then I felt a hand brush my arm from my hand to my elbow. I should of been frightened but at this point I was just becoming extremely annoyed by the whole thing. I said okay stop that and it did. I laugh at my reaction now!

Believe it or not, I did not think about this incident again until shortly after the death of my daughter. The death of my daughter was heartbreaking and I just couldn't imagine what life would be like with out her. During a time of deep sadness, the incident a few nights previous, suddenly came to mind. I knew it had to be my guardian angel who wanted my attention even if it didn't make any sense to me at the time. I think I was being sent a very clear message that my daughter and I would be taken care of. I was also being reminded of the fact that I was loved and I would never be completely alone. The other amazing part to this story is that during the entire week between her death and her funeral, I did not have any pain at all.

If my angel's message had happened after my daughter's death I'm sure I would of thought it was my daughter trying to sooth me. But I think the message was sent before hand so I would know who the sender was. It is great to know I have someone watching over me and protecting me!