Love Mum

When I found this site of true angel stories, I sent mine to my mother to read, and she answered with two of her own. I thought I'd post them here, for anyone who's interested.

When I was five or six, I was walking across an oval to school. For some reason I was alone. I remember I was watching the clover in the grass to make sure I didn't step on any bees as I walked, and get stung. I was trying to whistle as I walked. I still didn't know how to whistle. I pursed my lips and blew air a bit. Then I got it. I made a note. I think there must have been a look of surprise on my face. I did it again. And I felt such joy. But, in the air, to my right, up about 10 feet, and 10 feet away, was a presence, so vivid, I just couldn't see it with my physical eyes. But I knew exactly where it was, and what it was feeling. It was rejoicing with me! Rejoicing that I had just learnt to whistle! I looked up in wonder, smiling in my happiness, but couldn't see anything. I knew it was there. It was all but clapping its hands in glee. It was a beautiful moment. Looking back, I'm sure that was my guardian angel.

There was one time, I was on a train and I was very worried and upset. I'd been arguing with my mother in the days previous. On this train sitting opposite me was a little old lady. We started talking. I don't know how it came about, but she started saying over and over, “Your parents love you very much.” My face must have shown my feelings. That I honestly didn't believe that. She kept reassuring me. "Your parents DO love you. They do." I remember at the time, thinking how could she know to say that? Why did she keep saying that? She was the sweetest little old lady. Maybe she was an angel. But her words got through.

Just before I left husband 20 years ago, I was lying in bed one night. He was missing, out drinking somewhere again, gone walkabout for a week again, and I was in bed alone. A woman's voice woke me up. She said softly, “You are blessed.” Hmmm. I didn't know what to think of that. I went back to sleep, and was woken by a voice again. This one was a man. He said very firmly, "Don't go to Manhattan." I pondered that one, repeating it over and over in my mind. What could it mean? Well, on the positive it might mean that some day, somehow, I am going to get to go traveling again, I thought! Hahaha. Which I'd like. But, I have vowed to myself ever since that time, that no matter what, I will NEVER go to Manhattan. I thought who knows, maybe I'd go there and be mugged or something. Run over by a truck or something. But then September 11 happened, and that was in Manhattan wasn't it? I don't know. But I'll never go to Manhattan for as long as I live. I know that much. But the woman's voice that woke me to tell me "I am blessed", was a very comforting thing for me. I left Wayne forgood, not long after that. It helped me to feel sure that, everything would work out somehow….. and it did.

In 2000, I had moved out to 100 acre property. Of course my cat, Ruby came with us. She and I walked all over the property together, with Ruby always at my heel. I've never known a cat to do that. All the open spaces were hard for her to adjust to after growing up in the suburbs. One day I watched a hawk swoop silently up into a tree but I noticed Ruby saw it far too late as it flew on such silent wings. I could see it was interested in Ruby. As I watched Ruby exploring under my watchful gaze, suddenly I realised that the pale colours of Ruby's coat made her look very much like a big juicy rabbit to any bird of prey. I realised that not having grown up in the country she would not expect a bird of prey to come softly and swiftly from the air. I saw it all played out in my mind and was so upset. Mentally wringing my hands I thought, what can I do? I was suddenly so scared for her. I had just read a very moving book about true angel stories. One story had even spoken about someone hearing the sound of Angels wings.

I decided to pray to the Angels with all my worth to protect my beloved little innocent Ruby from birds of prey when I wasn't around, or at any time! I was very fervently praying about this on the spot where I stood outside, and then I heard it. The sound that the story in the book had described. It was like the whooshing and fluttering of many wings just for a few seconds in my right ear. I realised what it was and looked around in amazement. It didn't last long but it was unmistakable. From that point on I never worried again about the eagles and hawks swooping down silently on my little cat, and they never did. I prayed again and thanked the Angels so much and felt so blessed. I was so relieved that they gave me confirmation that my prayer had been heard, as I was in agony thinking of this happening to my darling little cat, and without that confirmation I would have kept worrying endlessly. Thank you God for your loving Angels. They are always with us. I'll never forget that little miracle for me.

The only time I heard them sing, was just before last Christmas. One night I went to bed, and I was tossing and turning, unable to sleep. I was comparing myself to everyone I knew, and I just thought I came up short, anyway I looked at it. Everyone else seemed more advanced, successful, you name it. Suddenly, I dropped into a deep trance state, from waking state, and heard singing. Two words were sung to me slowly. "Be Natural". The notes for all the syllables of the two words were exactly the same note, just one note, but the harmonies went in all directions forever...It was awesome. By the time I became self aware, and realised I was listening to singing, and what it said, and I was already emerging out of this sudden state I'd dropped into. It was suddenly over. I was amazed. I mused on it. "Be Natural". Well. It seemed like the best advice I could have ever got. I had been tossing and turning there in bed, thinking, well, who should I be like then? If I'm not good enough the way I am, who of these people, that I think is better than me, should I start imitating? I got a very clear answer!

Just be natural. It kinda says, you're ok the way you are. Just be yourself. Don't try to be like anyone else. Just be your natural self. There's something in there that says I'm ok after all, and it's reassured me ever since. I was amazed at this happening. It's never happened before or since. I feel so grateful, that I got to hear the angels sing! I've thanked God over and over. It was so special to me. It really, really helped my faith. We really are, never alone. When I'm tossing and turning in private agony in my bed at night, my thoughts are known to God. And he loves me enough to send me singing angels with a bit of pertinent advice and reassurance. And Angels are REAL! I got a lot out of that little incident. I KNOW angels are real now. It did a lot for my faith. And if angels are real, God is real, and all the rest of the good stuff is real. You know????

The last time my old friend Annie visited me, we were celebrating the anniversary of 20 years of being friends. We were making a video about Jesus, just for fun. A slideshow set to music. We picked this gorgeous song, and collected gorgeous pictures off the net. The next day we made another one continuing on after his death. But before his resurrection I suppose. We collected heavenly images and put a song to it. But we weren't happy with the song. I had my music program open, and I was going through my songs, when one started playing that was perfect! But It didn't seem to exist. It started playing on its own, and the song title up when it was playing was a song I knew and of a man singing. This was a female singing, and the words and music were awesome! Just perfect! So moving. Annie and I stopped still and listened. I said, I've never heard this song before! I know every song I've got. The lyrics were perfect! It was just the song we needed. After it was over I searched through every single song I had looking for it, and checked and listened to them all. Nope. That song just didn't exist. Not on my computer. I'd never even heard it before. Annie said with all confidence, angels are like that, they do things like that.

There's also a few miraculous scrapes with death and being saved. That was probably my guardian angel.

Thanks for sharing! I believe in angels too. So does Dad. He has had personal experiences when flying that saved his life from an Angel telling him to CLIMB CLIMB CLIMB. He did and just came out of cloud and got over a mountain top instead of going into it. He listened to the angel. I can remember when we lived in Lae and a woman I knew, who went on to have her own TV show in Australia eventually, came to me with a request to start swimming lessons at the hotel pool, as I was President of the Kindergarten Association in Lae, and she wanted me to sell the idea to the mothers.

I said that I would bring it up at the next meeting but insisted that if my children went that I would be in attendance. Only Cathy and Linda were old enough. She said "No way! no mothers!" So I told her to forget it then. She came around.

So every day that the classes were on I went to watch but down but she wouldn't let me. I had to sit around he corner. I took a book with me. One day a voice said "Check Linda!" I raced around the corner to the swimming pool and asked her where Linda was and she told me to go away. I looked at all the kids and they all looked the same with their little hats on to protect their hair from water; I raced around the pool and there was Linda floating under the water. I dived in and brought her over to the side and got her out. This woman said "Get out of the way, I am a life saver!!!" I had also done life saving and had nursing experience and just said to her "If you put a hand on her, I'll drop you!!!" I gave Linda mouth to mouth and got her breathing and grabbed a towel, and Cathy, and ran for the car and drove to the hospital. Yep. I trust my angels.

I could go on - as there have been many times in my life where similar things have happened. But you know what I mean.
Off to read my book.
Have a nice day
Love Mum