The Beauty Within

My angel story is one which I've kept quite secretive for a long time because I feel it's so personal and unexplainable that I feared nobody would believe it.

I must begin with a sort of bizarre preface; I was a college student living with another girl, Michelle. I had spent most of the evening studying for a psychology test I had the next day and as Michelle and I sat chatting on the couch shortly before going to bed she looked at me and did a double take. Her expression startled me and I asked her what was wrong. She said, " I just saw a kind of halo over your head a minute ago!" I felt a strange sense when she said those words to me, (in retrospect, I see it was a kind of angelic foreshadowing), but brushed it off as nothing...perhaps an optical elusion or the lighting in our apartment. Shortly thereafter, I went to bed.

My experience began with a distant sound as I lay in my bed trying to fall asleep. This sound gradually seemed to get closer until I clearly heard a voice, neither male nor female, distinctly say my name. I was startled but at the same time felt a familiar comfort in that voice. I had heard this voice before but had, obviously, grown distant from it. I believe this was the reason for the visit.

As the night progressed I spoke, without actually using my vocal chords, at great length with this presence. I was told time and time again that "I was loved". I wrestled with the presence explaining that I needed to get to sleep because I had a test the following morning and the angelic response was "You have already passed every test you need to". I will never forget the warmth which I physically felt during this life changing night... it began at my toes and slowly moved towards my head. I asked my guide what it was and I was told it was the love of God. There are so many other chapters to this story which I wish I could express and explain to you all but I don't think I could ever find the words to do it justice!

I have tried to describe this event to the people closest to me and I believe that they believe my tale but can never truly understand it. No one could ever feel the pure expression of unconditional love I was exposed to on that was meant for me and me alone anyway. Although this experience happened while in my bed, eyes closed the majority of the night, this was not a dream. I woke 6 or 7 times that fateful look at the clock at times and at other times to look out my window or to look in the mirror,(upon my angel's look at the beauty within). I do not know of anyone who has ever had the ability to wake and then repeatedly return to the same dream. I also do not know of anyone who has had a dream which changed their life in such a profound way and that night in April of 1997 did just that for me! I can never truly explain what happened that night to anyone but for me it is wonderfully clear...and that's all that matters!

Angels present themselves to you in a way which is acceptable to your individual soul.....they just know how to reach you. I was reached!!!!!!!!!!