Lifted Off The Ground

The first time I remember being encountered by an angel was when I was 11 years old. My mom worked at a gas station nearby our house and one day me and my 8 year old brother walked up to visit her.

When we got to a parking lot half a block away from the gas station, there was a group of 5 young adults and teens standing around a white van. They looked really shady to me and I grabbed my brothers hand. The guys looked over at us and yelled at us.

I saw them pull out knives and this one guy kept saying "Ha ha ha, giggle giggle" over and over and then they began to run after us. I was a very overweight kid, almost obese and my running was a slow jog. My brother ended up getting about 10 feet in front of me and I remember saying "God, please help me".

Somehow my slow jog run became an actual run and I clearly remember feeling lifted off the ground a few inches. My brother got to the gas station a little before me and he had a strange look on his face when he saw me but he didn't say anything.

Then we looked behind us and those guys were standing there staring at us with weird looks on their faces. They dropped the knives and they ran away, they didn't even go back to that van they were standing by.

I know it was an angel that saved me.