An Angel to Protect Me

I would like to tell you of an angel encounter that I had a while back. I was working at a store one night the 11-7 shift. I went outside to take trash to put in dumpster about 3 am. Well as I started to trash bin I heard something and I turned around to look but saw nothing. I put trash in the dumpster and started back and as I got right in front of store I heard something hit the wall. A man was hid beside the ice machine and as he came at me I could see he had a ski mask on and had a blanket in his hands. Well I believe god put a board there because that was what hit the wall and when I turned around to look he had an object in his hand and hit me in the face and then threw the blanket over my head and had one hand over my face trying to smother me and the other arm around my neck trying to get me on the ground. I fought the best as I could and he managed to get me on ground. He was smothering me and I felt myself blacking out.

I cried dear lord please help me and then something told me to lie still and pretend to be dead. Which I obeyed and did. He then picked me up and I let him take about two steps and tumbled out his arms. I fell to the ground and looked up at him ready to fight for my life with everything in me but as I looked up at him he looked back at me with such terror in his face while taking steps backwards. Then he took off running faster than I have ever seen anyone run.

I believe god sent an angel to protect me and that is what the man saw! I know in my heart I would not be here today without gods help!

In time of trouble if we call on him and listen to his voice he will help!

I pray this story will help another person who might face an unknown danger. Be blessed in christ jesus!