Right Time

I am almost certain I had a guardian angel take care of me last week. I had to take my husband to hospital to the emergency room and was in there with him for a few hours. He was kept in overnight and I had to leave to go home in the early hours of the morning. It was very dark in the area my car was parked and there was a group of around 10 teenagers hanging round it when I got close enough to see it.

I felt very scared, this was not a situation I was usually in, they were obviously drunk and saw me coming. I looked behind me hoping for anyone to walk with but there was noone. I braced myself to walk on and suddenly out of nowhere a man in hospital porter uniform came beside me, touched my shoulder and began to talk about how cold it was. I was so relieved to see him and he walked me right by my car. He winked an eye as I got in, I was feeling very grateful. I closed the door and turned to wave to thank him but there was no one there. I have no idea where he came from or where he went, but he was there right when I needed him.

I am not a religious person in that I don't attend church or subscribe to any particular religion, but I do think I am a spiritual person. I fully believe that I had a guardian angel that night, he came along right at the moment I needed someone and was gone before I blinked.