Try to Believe

My encounter with an angel occurred in 1999. Having recently moved into an apartment on my own, I had finally left a dead end relationship, after three years of trying to make it work. If you have to try to make a relationship work, then you shouldn't waste your time with it. I learned that the hard way.

I was a single woman, living in New Orleans, far from my family in Connecticut. I was having trouble sleeping, and jumped at every different sound I heard in my new place. I was combating low self-esteem. It was embarrassing to even think about moving back home, and admitting to my failure with not only my boyfriend, but with my employment. Please understand, I had reached an all time low.

Early one morning, after being awoken by a terrible nightmare that left me with a headache, I tried to fall back asleep, tearfully wishing and imaging that there was someone strong to hold me, who appreciated me and loved me for my true self. A few hours later, I received my wish (be careful what you ask for...). As I woke up slowly and gradually, I was surprised to find myself laying on my stomach, which I rarely do. An Angel was holding me in a big, warm embrace. HUGE arms like tree trunks surrounded me firmly, but gently. YOU ARE LOVED, it seemed to emit to me. I could feel a huge chest moving up and down, under my cheek, and huge powerful legs beneath me.

Surprise turned to fear, naturally, and somehow I knew if I opened my eyes, the feeling would quickly dissolve. It did, and as I gently floated peacefully back onto my bed, I freaked out. I jumped out of bed, and was truly scared out of my wits, tears streamed down my face. But, as I started to calm down, I thought about how I felt in the arms of that angel. Just an overwhelming feeling of being loved. My headache was gone, and I felt full of peace. I slowly came to terms with the fact that I had been held by an angel, and what a wonderful feeling it was. That God thought me worthy of this. Wow. This all transpired in seconds.

God sent me a second angel a year later; my husband Tom, who has huge arms himself, and is someone I am so glad I waited for.

Now, if anything terrible ever happens to me, or if I just need to cheer up, I think of the wonderful God who sent me one of his most powerful male angels to console me, by holding me closely, at a time when I needed so badly to be held . WE are all loved this much and more. Believing in such awesome things can be a scary, powerful feeling; but it is the most wonderful feeling in the world. I believe in Angels; they heal us, care about us, and reach out to us. If you have a story to share, please do so. I think people need to hear and understand, that there is another universe within our own realm, and that it is within reach if you only try to believe.

Mary Louise