White Feather

On Sunday the 1st of April, I was alone in the kitchen at my place of working and sensed someone behind me, as I turned I saw a large figure, the figure was with arms folded and was glowing like a white light bulb.

I jumped as for a moment I thought someone had crept up behind me, in an instant it was gone, at this location I had found a large white feather on the doorstep a couple of months ago and thought nothing of it.

Some weeks before this I found a white feather at my front door and an hour or so later I opened my back door to let out my dog, I saw an identical feather at the back door. It was windy but it did not move. I picked it up and found they were the same. I cannot explain this and have no idea what any of this means.

I have had some trauma in my life and I cannot imagine why this happens now.