Angel On The Table

I was referred to this site by a friend of mine, and it was so comforting to know that my family and I aren't the only ones.. And it's really great to share these stories and have a fear of someone calling you crazy.

I have a story to share (actually several) but all will be sent separately..

At the time of this sighting, my brother was about 12 yrs. old and he didn't share this story with us until a year ago (he's 30 now). My father and I were talking about life after death and not being afraid to die, we are of Catholic faith, so we strongly believe in Heaven. Johnny got up at about 3 in the morning for something to drink (as he always does that late) and he said he was walking down the hallway and the hallway leads to the dining room and then to the kitchen. He noticed light coming from the dining room table as he approached and just assumed that my father was still awake watching T.V. As he got closer, he saw a being on top of the table, he said it was huge.

He stood there in awe, he thought he was dreaming or just seeing things. He said he rubbed his eyes and it was still there. He said it was standing on top of the table staring a painting that we have in our dining room table, the painting is of Jesus and the apostles on a boat and they are in the middle of a bad storm, and Jesus is standing there with His arms up calming the weather down. The angel is just staring at the picture while my brother is standing there wondering if he's awake or just crazy!!

The angel turns around and looks at my brother, looks into his eyes and just turns back around. Needless to say, my brother never went to get the water he decided not to interrupt the Angel so he went back to bed.

So many years went by and my brother never said a word about his encounter. Now we are in 2006 and I have come to the conclusion that the angel must have been at our house to give strength, my mother passed away in 1997, we had to be the strongest we'd ever been to care for her and to watch her die. My brother was very close to her as we all were, and it's been 7 years that she has passed, and he's still having a hard time.

I think at times he has forgotten about his special visit and maybe the possible message the angel was trying to get through to him and the strength that was going to be required in the upcoming years.

Love and Blessings,