Angel On The Highway

One of my dearest friends lost her oldest daughter in 2000. It was a traffic collision during a snow "white out" in Illinios. My friend is a nurse and knew that it was bad. The paramedics took her to the side and said that her daughter would likely pass, if she had not already. In the midst of the confusion on the road during the blizzard, a man arrived. He was wearing shorts and a t-shirt and did not appear to feel the cold. He took the hands of my friend and her husband and said,"let us pray now, she will be alright." At that very moment all the fear and horror that my friend felt for her daughter simply melted away. She suddenly knew that her daughter was gone, and that she was with God.

She was afraid no more. She felt total peace. When the man let go of her and her hubands hands. They opened their eyes (which had been closed during the prayer) he had vanised. When they asked around - no one had ever seen him, and there were no cars around except those of herself, the other person involved in the collsion and the paramedics. Truely an intervenion from our LORD.

In memory of Lindsay M.