Thank You Lord

Hi everyone, God bless you all! I'm 29 years old, married with an 8-year-old girl.

I have a job; healthy (ALWAYS THANK THE LORD) I always wanted to share my testimony with people, what a perfect time with such stronger believers.

When young I had it kind of tough, my parents separated when I was 7, since then living with relatives, stepmom, stepdad and so on. The fact of being alone made it easier for some people around me to harm me. It seemed like everywhere I went there was always somebody trying to molest me (child molestation) unjust situations, not being able to go to school, and not a very nice experience with my step mom.

Believe me it's not ungratefulness; I pray to the LORD she's fine. It was just hard. Sometimes, I asked God, Why couldn't I be like everybody else? Why can't my brothers and I have a family like everybody else? Couldn't understand it. There wasn't really somebody to guide me spiritually. But the Lord along with my Guardian Angel was always there with me. Nobody really sexually abused me, every time something about to happen, something came along, they couldn't harm me. (THANKYOU GUARDIAN ANGEL) You know bruises fade away, what matters is what stays in your heart.

Everything that I went through made me strong and that's what made the very sensitive and caring person that I am today. I pray for this world for each single one of us. Now I understand God's will and also have learned that God is never too late or too early. All we have to do is trust the Lord. So all you strong believers continue to pray, God answers prayers, and you all will be in my prayers. And you My Almighty God thanks for being so Grateful to me, for forgiven my sins, and for the strength I receive from you everyday.

Thank you My Guardian Angel, Thanks to you Derek too.