Just a Glimpse

While I was visiting a shrine in Orlando I decided to go to Adoration in their chapel. Little did I know that I encountered the vision of Jesus. At first I thought I was seeing things. I rubbed my eyes to clear them and could feel a warmth come upon me. I was very nervous and my heart was pounding. I went back to the condo and told my husband who seemed to be on the skeptic side. I return the next day thinking I must be seeing things that could not have happened to me.

Well again I experience seeing Jesus's face in the Eucharist that was exposed for adoration. I felt tears come to my eyes and felt very unworthy. I called a friend who is a priest and when I told him he said, "Why would he not appear to you"? Again I felt confused and unworthy. This was four years ago. My life has been changed tremendously. I became a Eucharist Minister; I visit the home bound and became a volunteer Lay-Chaplain in a hospital. I do not know how or why but I am serving the Lord. I certainly am not an angel but I feel I have been touched by one.

I am very blessed.
Maria Bernadette