We move in God

Let me describe you one of the most beautiful things that has ever happened to me. About 5 years ago I woke up in that place between dreams and wakefulness (so only in my spirit) and I realized I was all in Endless Ocean of LOVE and that Love was not something but Someone.

I knew, saw and felt that this LOVE filled it all, like a fog or better yet like some bright spiritual light. There was no end of it. The Bible says we live in God and move in Him. Oh, yes that was exactly what my soul saw very clearly. God's most tender love was everywhere. No words can describe what I felt.

Although this Love was so intense and strong (powerful) that it already made me feel completely happy I was still flying deeper and deeper into It (or HIM) and the further I flew I felt even more and more happy. This surprised me a lot. More than enough happiness!!! I felt as if I had finally returned home after some very long journey, so happy to be there at last. Yes, all I wanted to say was 'AT LAST" This Love was like the Love of caring, tender, delicate and powerful Father, so light, warm, personal and not imposing itself. If I had moved a bit further I suppose I would have died in my sleep.

Suddenly with a speed of light I returned to my body (very painful experience compared to all that bliss) and I immediately woke up. I could do nothing, say nothing but CRY. I cried like a child. I cried that I had not been allowed to stay in that place for ever and I cried out of enormous happiness that I had been allowed to experience it all even for such a short time. I do not regret having to stay here. I have four dearest kids, my beloved hubby and many people God has called me to love His love. Yes, sometimes I wish I could testify others of this immense love of God. I would not like to keep it only for myself.

We do move and live in God's Love, and although now we see things partially, like in a mirror, one day we will reach our true homeland provided we already choose such unconditional love here when still alive. True love is unconditional and it manifested itself fully in Jesus Christ.

Now I do not have such visions any more although I used to have a few more like that. More than those visions I need to rely on God himself and His teaching but the ones I have had are so deeply imprinted in me, like road signs for my blind soul. I suppose God knew my soul could have gone astray if He had not shown me such things.

Stay all blessed by this LOVE of God.
Malgorzata (Poland)