For most of my life I believed there couldn't be a God let alone A Jesus Christ. I had never experienced a miracle, or had a prayer answered, after all!

My life went from bad to worse. My mother always had heart trouble, I had asthma. My father had left us when I was 6 months old, and I was in an out of orphanages and strangers' homes while growing up.

Once I was an adult, I married and had two beautiful children, but still wasn't happy and had married an equally unhappy and critical man. Having no faith, I divorced him. Later I regretted my actions but there was no turning back, no forgiveness I told myself. I had to move from apartment to apartment and still could find no rest because of various problems where I would live. Noise, cigarette smoke played havoc with my asthma, a drug dealing neighbor threatened me and broke down the door of my small house, while I was gone, to drive home his threat. A swarm of bees invaded that same house while I was away. They dripped like mud from the upper corners of the walls and ceiling as though in a horror show. and the bee keeper couldn't find a queen and had to kill them all .

My car was flooded by 3 feet of water in the parking lot at work and I was the sole person with liability insurance only. The car was parked next to a sewer treatment plant. After 36 quarts of oil were poured into the transmission to clean it and it was detailed twice, it was barely drivable as the crud still caked the automatic shift lever. One night at 3 am driving home in a rainstorm, my car hit an open manhole in the bad part of town. I was forced to drive it to the nearest all night convenience store and call for a tow. It bent the wheel and cost more money than I had. I had to work to support myself, but fell very ill and dropped 15 pounds making me 100 lbs. At this point I prayed for grace. Grace and faith. Grace came in the form of two angels, people I met at work who were powerful believers. They prayed for me I found out later. They believed that "there was a war going on". Presumably for my soul. I had always been brought up as a Christian, but had never really believed.

These were miracles of the bad sort. All miracles come from God, but sometimes God has to get our attention. He got mine

Directly after that, I joined a bible study group and continued to pray. Things not only got better, they got impossibly better. I felt so totally blessed and unworthy. Blessed because He actually stooped down to comfort me, who had totally messed up my life, and fought Him when I unconsciously felt He was disciplining me.

I found a house, that I could afford (barely). I was working 10 and 12 hour days 6 days a week, but the house was a sanctuary and for the week I took off to move in, all I did was sleep instead. I felt completely cared for and secure. I planted the yard in grass because the weeds were unmanageable and this way I could mow the lawn with an old riding lawn mower the neighbor loaned me. The grass came up in an unimaginable luxurious shade of green.

I wanted companionship. "Make him tall dark and handsome please!" I joked in a prayer. The most beautiful black and white cat appeared on my doorstep soon after. "Well, he's not tall and he's not a 'he'" I noted. Then when I took "her" to be spayed, "she" turned out to be a "he" after all! Two out of three was fine with me.

I came home a few months later in a sparkling rain. Where I live it will be sunshiny and raining at the same time. This was one of those times. I could see the top of a rainbow over the treetops in the distance. I had never seen such a brilliant rainbow and such a low one even though rainbows are common in New Mexico. I had been feeling quite spoiled by my loving and forgiving Abba, but I playfully thought to myself, "wouldn't it be wild if that rainbow was at my house?"

When I pulled onto my street, I saw no sign of the rainbow, but still, I just had this feeling. Then, I was directly in front of the house. There it was! extending diagonally from one corner to the other across my 1/2 acre lot! It was so brilliant I expected it to hum! I wanted to go over and touch it, grab a camera to take a picture and show everyone, but I knew it would be gone before I could do anything but stare with my mouth opened. One man from the neighborhood came over and stared at it with me. He simply said, "That rainbow is for you!"

I couldn't make my first month's house payment because I had put all I had into the downpayment so I wouldn't have the additional burden of PMI. I told a friend at bible study my concern, and she showed me how to have faith. She said, "Right here right now, we're going to pray that God helps you find the money for the house payment." I didn't expect God to give me a favorable response, I had already been blessed beyond thinking. She said, "take my hand and close your eyes." Then she said, "we will tell Him when you need the money, how much and thank Him in advance."! My eyes flew open. "We can't do that!" "Yes we can!" she said firmly. So we did. Now I still think that was a bit presumptuous to thank Him in advance, but God always has the sovereignty to say no.

The next day, having dismissed the prayer as unworthy of His attention, I was opening the mail on the kitchen table where it had piled up while I worked my long difficult days. Most of it was junk. At the bottom was a letter from the title company or maybe the mortgage company, anyway, I decided it was probably an ad for future business or thanking me for doing current business with them and started to toss it. But something told me that although it was a very thin envelope, it might be important, so I opened it. Inside was a check for $896, almost to the nickle the amount of money I needed to make my house payment! It was my escrow check for the dump I had lived in before, that I'd had to move from!

There were many other miracles of similar nature for a long while. The time I prayed for the rain to stop just over my house because I couldn't afford to get the leak in the roof fixed yet, and it did. (I called a neighbor to check.) The time when I was between banks because of a bank merger and lost my credit card so I had no way to buy food. The next day (remember you have to call to report lost or stolen credit cards and then wait for a new one) a brand new card with the same number appeared in my mailbox! I verified the cards number when I called the company about it. I had a feeling that my other card would eventually turn up, or maybe it was my still small voice (the Holy Spirit) telling me. The card did turn up several weeks later and I destroyed it because my new one was a platinum!

I lost one of my contact lenses. I found an old pair and used it, but after a few weeks it began to hurt and I had trouble seeing out of it. I prayed about it and even though I had searched all the counters and floors around the sink in the bathroom where I would put them on, I never found it. I even disassembled the pipe under the sink with no luck. I had no eye glasses or money for any so that was not an option.

Well, there is no such thing as luck in the Bible and the morning after this prayer, I went in to get ready for work. I looked down in the place I had looked a million times before, where I used to place my contacts, and THERE it was! I never will nor never want to take God for granted. It's so easy to. But I was so grateful and humbled by this.

You might not want to use this, I will submit some much shorter ones, but story is the cornerstone of my faith. I love to read stories about people's miracles and encounter with angels, because I now know, they really do happen.

Oh, and I was wrong about never having had a prayer answered at the beginning. My mother had been told she would die young from her heart trouble. She fainted constantly and the scar tissue had grown over her heart because she had rhuematic fever as a child. Even as a small child I would pray that God would not take her from me, because then I would be an orphan. I would have nightmares about it. I was an only child, that she should never had at all. My mother lived to be 83 years old. Albeit with 10 cases of pneumonia and 3 heart operations during her lifetime. She outlived two husbands.

Sorry it's so long.

Sincerely G. Bacon