Plans For Me

One day, I was running late as usual, I was in the car and speeding. Where it was 35 mph, I was going about 50. The street was not a major one, there were two lanes going each way with a divider in the middle, less than a car's width. As I barreled along I saw about a block ahead, maybe less, a white car on the right pull out of a side street directly into the path of my car. I was in the right lane. I realized there was no time to stop.

Hitting the brakes would just make me skid and I would not have control of the wheel. In the left lane, was a large black truck which was trying to make a left turn, actually a U-turn. My choice was to ram the white car, or sideswipe the truck. No time to pray, decided to try to "thread the needle" , and go between the two, probably hitting the truck. I was sure I would not live through it.

I must have went numb. I expected a huge crash. Nothing happened. I sailed on by and when I looked through the rearview mirrors I could not see the black truck anywhere. I went the rest of the way to my appointment at a greatly reduced speed. I decided God must have plans for me. If it was symbolic, it would be that I must be careful about my choices and live carefully and purposefully.