Dear Angel believing community, please pray with me so that I can improve my life. I feel very alone and hopeless. My life has been lived with very little love. My mother and father were very unfair to and abusive to me, and value my brothers over me. My brothers have violently hurt me and threatened my life. The aftermath of family violence and abandonment is that I feel worthless..

I have many friends, and I see them pairing off, and coming from nice families, I am embarrased by my family past. I really don't understand why I should have had these experiences. I still don't understand why this is my family. Now as an adult - graduated from my BA, I wish I could have a normal life, a family of my own. The pain and confusion of being alone is so much a pain. It is like a pain in my throat, a huge lump. I pray that a wonderful man will come into my life and be may partner. I pray that God has a plan for me, I am doing my best.

Please illuminate your purpose God.