Horseshoe Bay

God told Mr. Don Bangs to take a special trip on Boxing Day. I will show you who to take with you. It will be a mystery trip. I will provide what you need for the trip, and I will show you where to go.

Okay, Lord, replied Mr. Bangs with a comical countenance. He waited for further details. God chose Sarah Magoon and Tango the Orangutan for Don's traveling companions, along with a bag of puppets for prophetic purposes. My little friend! exclaimed the clownish man in delight, bouncing Tango up and down on his knees.

This was a prayer trip for the survivors of last year's tsunami, and for the blessing of God on the islands of both B.C. and South Asia. You will stand on the deck and pray over the islands, God informed Don, and Sarah will do things with puppets.

They met at the corner of Granville and Georgia on Monday 26th, to pray over the bear statue that bears witness to the spread of the gospel throughout the world. Then they warmed up by speaking blessings over people as they headed for Horseshoe Bay. While Sarah and Tango were entertaining and blessing people in the Kid Zone of the ferry, Don went to the upper deck. Immediately a young woman named Lynn came and asked him what he was doing.

I'm praying he replied. These islands represent the islands of South Asia and the whole of B.C. God has shown me that new things are happening in these areas. He is at work building boats for the fishermen and new villages for the people. He is spreading the gospel, and they are receiving it.

Lynn and her friend Greg prayed with Don for a while. They were fellow-believers and revivalists. Then Don brought Sarah and Tango up on deck to join them. They prayed for South Asia and B.C. and the spread of the gospel throughout the world, and they prayed for one another in turn.

My uncle is in hospital with colon cancer, said Lynn. Can we pray for him? They took turns praying for the uncle, and God showed them in words and pictures that He had healed him already. While they were praying for the uncle, an elderly man came up behind them and stood between Lynn and Sarah. Lynn was addressing God as Abba, Father, but twice she said Bless you, Dad, so Sarah assumed that the newcomer was her dad.

Sarah was a little puzzled to see that no one else spoke to him, but they did lay hands on him and pray for him. Sarah said to Lynn, It was really nice praying with you guys and your dad.

My dad, she asked. We were praying for my uncle, not my dad. When they hugged goodbye and parted, Sarah hugged the old gentleman before he disappeared. They both said, God bless you. As she hugged him, Sarah saw blue water in the Spirit and felt a deep sense of purity and holiness around him. It was so nice to meet those three people, she said to Don later.

Three he asked. There were only two. There was the older man, she reminded him. I think he was Lynn's father. What older man? asked Don. There was no one except us and Lynn and Greg and Tango. But I saw him, she insisted, right next to me. Then suddenly he was right in front of me. Tango and I laid hands on him, and so did you.

There was no other man, repeated Don, still puzzled. Oh, it must have been an angel, or the uncle coming to thank us!

He did thank us, she remembered. I wondered why you and the others didn't talk to him or hug him goodbye.