Vision Of Mom

My Dear Mom passed away on August 8, 2000 peacefully in her sleep. I had just seen her a day before, and she looked so happy and radiant, better than I had seen her in months. My Mom had a personal relationship with The Lord. She was absolutely like an angel here on earth not only to her family, but in her church and with her friends. I have 5 sisters, and we think that she had some idea that her time was nearing, because she sent us all special notes in our birthday cards this year, and was starting to give some things away.

She also became quieter the past few months. About 2 weeks after her passing, I was yearning so much to see her and to have some questions answered. I fervently prayed verbally and also typed a prayer to Our Lord asking if I could know "Why Now?". I also spoke and typed a letter to my Mom telling her I needed to know that she was happy. I also expressed a deep sadness that I would not ever be able to talk to her again. That night, when I went to bed, I prayed that I could get some answers and find peace.

All of a sudden this vision, sort of like a 4x6 video appeared to the right of my head. It was Jesus and my Mom sitting in thrones, she to his left. He was dressed in robes, and my Mom looked younger and had on a pale blue, long flowing dress, looking so radiant and peaceful. There was tremendous light all around, different from sunlight, and such a feeling of love. Jesus was holding my Mom's hand between his two hands, and he said, "She was a very special lady on earth, and now she is our very special angel; some things you are not supposed to know, but I can tell you this was for the best; you must trust in me". Then he told my Mom to go ahead. She was absolutely in awe and a little uneasy. He said, "Go ahead, it's Marilyn; she can hear you." She said, "Hi Maggie (her nickname for me), it's Mom; It is very beautiful here, and I am happy and peaceful; I had a good life and I have no regrets; I know you love me and I love you too; Don't worry that you won't be able to speak to me; I will be there; You must try to stay peaceful and calm and watch for the signs".

Then she got up and started walking toward the back (there was a fog-like atmosphere around, and I could not see anything else, but I did notice she did not have wings). I wanted to call out to her to come back, but I knew I was blessed to have seen and heard what I did. I tried to look around the two of them, but everything else was blacked out (knowing that the Bible describes Jesus as always sitting to the right hand of God, I wondered if God was on the other side of my Mom); it seemed that they were sitting on the edge of a mountain (it speaks in the Bible of angels looking down on the new city of Jerusalem). Such a feeling of peace came over me after that. I knew my Mom was in all her glory, and that I had to let her go, yet knowing that she would come to me again.