"Ave! Maria, little one,
In you the battle can be won,
Your Son, Immanuel, You'll know.
So Well-Spring, Spouse, the Spirit's wife,
Give birth unto Eternal Life.
How so, young Virgin, don't you know?
Gabriel, SouthPa, declares:
While Michael hovers in the air,
Chi and rho the boat to shore,
Angel Raphael heals, "Noel"!
Do not dispel with Gabriel.
I Am, the "Power of God, the El"
I come from God's left hand and stand
Aside His Thrones in mighty grand.
You'll see a star move toward your Son,
And wise men come from far beyond,
To bring three gifts to bless the King.
Heaven's angels all will sing,
"Iesus Dominus, Ave!
Christus Rex, Is born today",
If but a Word be done, you say?
"Yes-hua"!   A Rosary!
Heaven bows for now in Thee.
Abide in lowly lion's pride.
Incarnate Word herein resides,
So now and at the hour of death
I AM with you, sweet living breadth.
Uriel, now ring your belle.
Gabriel bids fare-thee-well, Ave!