Atlanta to Heathrow

I thought I would share my angel story. I have all my flight details available so my story can be verified. It happened on 4 December 2011 at around 10/11pm on a Delta flight from Atlanta to Heathrow.

In December 2011 I had attended a conference in Dallas Texas and faced a long flight back to the UK. I was supposed to be going to Atlanta then Dublin and finally arriving in Birmingham to make the journey home (once I landed) easier. I didn't make the connection in Atlanta and ended up being re-routed to Heathrow.

It was finally time to board, however the flight deck came over the tannoy and announced that there were a few issues with the computers and also one of the back-up engines. After around 4 hours of maintenance crews they said we had been given the all clear to take off. During the time we were sitting on the Tarmac I had been chatting to the guy in front of me who said he was a pastor coming to preach in Manchester, England and as a committed Christian (former catholic) we had quite a deep and uplifting/encouraging discussion.

The plane taxied and took off although it was apparent that the computers were still experiencing problems and I was wondering to myself what other problems were still unresolved! It was the eeriest feeling I ever had in my life. After 20/30 minutes of the plane climbing and gaining altitude none of the flight crew had gotten out of their seats as they usually do busying around the cabin and I felt quite panicked inside that there was something amiss that they weren't telling us about.

Eventually the captain came over the speaker and said that there were a number of technical problems - the computers were still out, there was still an issue with the back-up engine, a number of passenger had also shared being able to smell fuel/burning as we took off. They had decided that we were going to return to Atlanta airport rather than continue with the fight to London. They also warned that the plane was overweight because of the unused fuel and that an emergency landing had been declared.

They told us not to panic and not to be distressed at the sight of fire crews awaiting our arrival and to also obey every instruction the flight crew gave us as they had been trained for times such as this. There were one or two people who were crying and I remember thinking that although I didn't want to die and leave my children behind there wasn't really much I could do about it and thanked God for all the places he had allowed me to go - China, the Caribbean, most of Europe, etc. I was also thinking it would be great to see my father again who had passed away suddenly 3 years before.

From nowhere an anger rose up from within me saying that that was not the God I knew - that this pastor in front of me WOULD preach the gospel in England and I commanded every angel in the heavenly realms to surround this plane in the name of Jesus and bring it safely down - and to make it the smoothest landing I had ever known! Save to say, I didn't feel those wheels touch the ground and I know with all my heart that God had me on that flight praying that prayer to save the lives of all those other souls on that aircraft. I could just envisage the entire plane being carried by angels while God had me praying for the pilots, flight crews and everyone else on that flight. I will know when I am in eternity.

Thank you precious Lord

I am so blessed by your website. Keep up the good work