Dear God

I pary that you reach out for me and send your guardian angels to comfort and rescue me in the my greastest time of need. It is not my darkest hour, but I seem to have lost my way. I need you to comfort me and help me live again.

I want to be able to sing with my whole heart again and be able to see and appreciate the beauty that is life again. I want to see life as I once saw it, the beauty that you have entrusted and bestowed upon us humans. I want to be able to go on and learn from life as I carry on my lifes path and journey.

I don't want to forget my best friend, but I want to cherish her memory within me always and the times that we have shared. I don't want to be afraid of death, I want to be able to celebrate it and share the memories of a life that I shared with someone so close and so precious.

I want to be able to appreciate and enjoy those that I have left behind. Most of all I want to be able to love with my whole heart again, and not be afraid.