Gracefully Floated

I was born on August 31, 1978 in Wilminton, DE. The doctors told my mom I was very sick and would have to be in an incubator for several days, maybe even weeks. My mom (who is a devoted Christian woman) was devasted and she prayed for me every waking minute. Then one night she got a visit from 3 very unusual doctors. One spoke and had reassured her that I would be fine and they would always take care of me. With that peace of mind she glanced over as they were leaving to thank them noticed they did not have feet but just ever so gracefully floated out of the room. She knew then that they were my guardian angels sent to her as doctors to let her know they would always be with me. I am now 27 and never doubt this story. I feel them near me everywhere I go and know they have protected me throughout my hard times.