My Angel Drives a Used Blue Honda

The doctor came in the room around 3pm Thursday. Mom was out of it and looking terrible, although through it all managed to say "Hi" by name, perfectly well to each of us who came into the room. She even perked up when the doctor came in with a slight smile and eyebrow raise. (Of course she cleaned her teacher's chalkboards!).

We worried, what was the magic potion we could give her to fix it all now. He said the transfer off her IV morphine was trial and error to get the dosage and combination of pain killers just right. "What about an IV? How can she get fluids if she can't drink?" we clamored. "If she is thirsty, she will drink," he assured. "Let her rest".

Jim missed most of the day from work so he dropped Caden off at the hospital. Following the doctor's orders, I left bringing the baby to the mall for lunch and to spend some time. After about 2 hours I was almost done shopping. I walked pushing his stroller. In the near distance within the usual flow of busy mall shoppers my eyes fell upon a beautiful woman approximately 5'8" with the sculpted face of a model.

I specifically looked at her and noticed from head to toe gorgeous white pants, a white cashmere sweater, again a white scarf over the back of her head with long straight golden brown hair flowing down to just past her shoulders, perfectly clean white leather boots and even a large white leather shoulder bag with a large rectangular silver buckle. She was sharp, as though she walked off the pages of Vogue Magazine. Her look alone was something to be noticed. I bent down alongside Caden and whispered "Do you see her Caden? She's beautiful. She's an Angel!" I stayed crouched down next to him noticing unlike anyone else shuffling by she was very deliberately walking heel to toe, with one foot and then the next watching each step she was taking. After 4-5 steps she began placing one foot directly in front almost crossing over the other. She seemed completely amused by her walk and it almost appeared by her half smile that she had never ever walked before, but could. She maneuvered herself out of the main flow over to the perimeter of the mall walkway and continued 'walking'.

I finished up buying a couple more items and left for our car. I put Caden in his car seat. I emptied the back of my stroller and with a baby wipe began wiping one of the back stroller wheels, crouched down towards my open hatch back. From behind I heard the sweetest voice, "Hello". I slowly turned and looked up, almost knowing who it was. Sure enough, it was the Angel. She walked past me and I of course replied "Hi!" I had to say something - speak to my Angel. "I love your outfit!" I blurted out as she stood opening her driver's side door of the car directly next to mine. "Thank you," she kindly replied. I was in utter disbelief that a woman so beautifully dressed to the nines all in white walking through Wilton Mall that I would call an Angel, would walk behind me saying "Hello" without any kind of eye contact and also of all places be parked directly next to me. Stunned, I placed the stroller in the trunk and walked around the front of my car to get in. "Was that a message?

Did I just have an Angel tell me Mom is leaving today? Is she here for me?" all raced through my mind. Once more I glanced down into her car. Looking out she gently leaned a bit forward and with a slight nod and smile, she waved to me. I got in my car realizing it was the answer to my questions. Mom is not going to be here very much longer, maybe a day and that was my sign. I immediately broke out sobbing and sobbing. Still I wondered if this perhaps was a perfect stranger looking at me who just might be prompted to get out and ask if I was alright, having gone from smiling and waving back to her to a completely distraught state, with a baby in the back seat. I looked over rather quickly to see if she indeed was coming to my window but the parking spot was empty. Driving out straight ahead I saw though the back of a used blue Honda my Mom's Angel looking towards the right checking for traffic and preceding to pull out of the parking lot, leaning peculiarly forward over the wheel, as though she had never driven before.

I looked at the clock on my dash and minus the time it was set ahead, it was approximately 4:45pm. I drove right to my sisters' home hoping they would be there to tell my encounter and to let them know Mom is leaving us very, very soon.

My Mom died almost 8 hours later at 12:30am on Friday October 17th, 2008. (Her favorite combination at the races 1-7) She nick named me (un-jul) Hungarian for angel and throughout her life called me her Guardian Angel. I know this was an Angel delivering me that message so I would be prepared for her to leave me, and on that day I passed the baton to her next Angel who came to take her away.

I Love You Mom
Your Baby, Lisa