I used to work at WalMart as a cashier. One day six women came down my line. Three older and three younger were they. They looked and dressed like very straight-laced Pentecostal women you would ever think to meet. They stood in a line and stood young and old, young and old. They never made a sound.

Suddenly, from about where the light at the register was that is above the cashiers a single voice came to me and it shouted, "SATANISTS". I said, "Are these the ones, Lord"? Suddenly the women did not move as if they were frozen in time and a light grey screen like appearance showed between them and me as if a divider had been put up. I could see through this light grey screen and see them. Once I spoke the words, "Are these the ones, Lord" the screen disappeared and the six women returned to normal.

I knew I was to pray for them and thought that I would wait till bread time to do this. I truly don't remember if I prayed or if I only said a real quick prayer and forgot. Quite a few months passed and I was driving my car down the road to Ft. Scott, Kansas for a chiropractor appointment when I remembered those women. The traffic was very light. I told the Lord that I was going to battle for them and pray for their salvation. I looked at my watch and remembered the time.

I began praying in tongues and don't know for how long but I suddenly saw in front of me white clouds and two angels. One was on the left and the other was on the right of my steering wheel although I did not see the steering wheel. I only saw the clouds and angels. I seem to recall continuing praying in tongues as the angels, I believe were actually guiding my car.

I saw a third angel but only the bottom of his robe and sandals as he whooshed away to the left. I continued to pray in tongues in between seeing angels. A little time passed. Their was suddenly a fourth angel that stood directly in front of me in the clouds. He was dressed like an ancient soldier (Roman) and held a great two edged sword and he held it with both hands in front of him and pointed downward. He looked at me as if he was a soldier reporting to his commander. I said to the warrior angel, "I'm not sure about asking this but could you check to see, one last time, if the perimeter has any demons that are still there? He suddenly disappeared. The clouds and angels disappeared. I looked at my watch and forty-five minutes had passed. I saw the highway and only one other vehicle was on the road.

To my left, I suddenly heard a voice that said, "This is Holy", "This is Holy".

A moment later I was so filled with glory that I wanted to stop the car at the side of the road, get out, kneel down on my knees and thank the Lord. Unfortunately, there was no place for me to stop. But the feeling of Glory in the Lord can only be felt and not even fully explained in human terms because I am not sure there are any words for it. I went down the rest of the road with unspeakable job.

  Praise the Lord, for his mighty works and salvation!