What If

What if the sky were green
And the grass was blue?
What if trees felt emotions
And the flowers did, too?
What if the snow was warm
And the sun was cold?
What if we don't get a chance to grow old?
We must live each moment from beginning to end
We cannot live our lives by what may have been.

What if I were you and you were me?
When you saw your reflection, what would you see?
Only god knows what our futures will hold
So live each moment as though it were gold.
When the day comes you do not awake
Will you look in the mirror and accept your fate?

God will send angels to take your hand
How many footprints will you see in the sand?
Live each and every moment from beginning to end
For only god knows what may have been.

What if rainbows were black & white
Would they still be such a beautiful sight?
What if we could taste the wind
Would it be colder or warmer than we'd thought it had been?
If teardrops were sweet, would they still fall the same
Or would their sweetness lessen our pain?
Live each moment as though it's your last
With the blink of an eye, your future's your past.

Michelle Linn