Brown Robes

My story began in 1977. I always would check on my son and my husband to be sure all was before I went to bed. Then one night while in a sound sleep two beings in brown robes bent over me. Leaning over me with their arms behind their backs I couldn't see their faces but I could actually feel their breath on my cheek. It scared the hell out of me I would literally shove them away telling them to leave me alone.

My husband would calm me down and say I was having a bad dreams and he would check the room and even look under the bed in an effort to reassure me. However, this continued to occur several more times.

When my daughter was born in 1988 we moved in to a bigger house and so did they.

I started having a lot pain down below and I went to my Dr. who said you have just had a baby things are bound to be a bit tender but I knew some thing wasn't right.

The men in brown robes continued to visit me. I asked for a second oppinion. My Dr. said you will only be told what I've told tou but thank god I got one I had cervical cancer and if I left it much longer it would have gone to far to treat. Not long after that I went to have a reading done and I told the lady who did my reading that I thought it was the devils men who were visting me and she smiled and said that it was my Guardian angels and guiding me. I've never seen them since.