A Determined Angel

Tzaneen is a little "dorp" on the escarpment between the Highveld and the Lowveld of Limpopo Province IN South Africa. It nestles in a basin just below the beautiful and scenic Magoebaskloof Pass. I had grown up on the farm Vergelegen, in Magoebaskloof, and had one of the most privileged childhood's any child could wish for.

After a nasty divorce, my then two year old daughter, Jessica, and I moved back to my roots. We all felt that Jess and I both needed a "network" that could help me since I had now become the next statistic of "single moms". Adaptation from what I was used to in Johannesburg, to Tzaneen, was difficult. But Jess was developing into a happy, live-wire and enjoying the safety of a small town tremendously. Time passed, almost too quickly.

As was customary, Tzaneen would get thunder showers during the summer season, particularly between November and February where, in the good years, we could get as much as fifty inches of rain. We had gone through about three days of clouds building up, it raining and the sun glimpsing out for a few hours before the next shower.

It was Saturday the 17th November 2006. I slept in a little longer than normal as I didn't have to work today. I loved sleeping in! Jess, eventually somewhat irritated that I was still in bed, called for me to get up. Looking at my watch, I pulled the duvet back, got out of bed and made myself a cup of tea. I lit my first cigarette of the day. Although overcast, the storm only faintly rumbled in the far distance.

I decided to have a quick bath before the storm got any closer. I had an over-sized bath that I loved to fill to the brim with very hot water. I would then slide back and "float" in the bath, directing the most heroic films, in technicolour! This ritual eased the tension and stress that I was feeling. I lathered my hair with shampoo and slid down, my head now completely under water. It was delicious!

The mood was interrupted by an urgent "voice" telling me to get out the bath. I told myself not to be neurotic, and ignored it. Submerging my body into the water again, my hair floated on the top, almost free of shampoo. Again, I was interrupted by this time, an extremely urgent "voice" telling me to get out the bath NOW!! I listened for any signs that the storm was near. The storm sounded far away still. I was now determined not to allow fear to rule my life and turn me into a neurotic middle-aged woman.

A few moments later, something beyond any rational thought made me sit up, and look in the direction of the door. At this point, things happened very quickly, yet, slowly as well. In the doorway, I saw the figure of a person; in my mind, I knew it to be male although there were no outward signs that it was in fact male. Instinctively, I knew this was "The Angel of Death". I leapt out of the bath, splashing the entire floor. My heart was beating menacingly hard and fast. The figure in the door way was gone.

The storm had got closer now. I decided to quickly rinse the last remnants of shampoo from my hair before it got any closer.

One of the most terrifying lightning bolts I had ever seen or heard in my life, struck the water, sending a shock directly onto my head. My left bicep and right foot also felt a "direct" shock. I screamed in agony and ran out into the lounge, hair dripping. Jess, completely hysterical, was shouting for help from my sister, who lived next door. There were no burn marks or visible signs that I had been struck by lightning. However, when they arrived, my left bicep still twitched and carried on twitching for another half hour or so.

Although one cannot scientifically prove what I experienced, I am convinced my Guardian Angels had saved my life that day. I have begun to accept that "voices" and/or visual manifestations are not crazy figments of my imagination and that I should take heed to them instead of casting them off as my "neurosis".