Grandma Hugo

I awoke from a sound sleep the night my grandmother died and knew from my dream that my grandma had just died. I felt this so strongly that I woke my husband from his sleep and told him that my grandmother had just died. I dreamt that my grandmother was setting in a church pew and she was with this other woman, she was short, black and walked with a limp and had such a nice sense of humor. My grandmother had Alzheimer's and I remember thinking that she would not know who I was but she did!!! It made me feel good to know that she knew who I was. My grandmother seemed to be giving me a message that she was "okay". She was so happy in my dream and she was laughing with this other woman. I had no idea who this woman my grandmother was with. Later that same morning the phone had rang and I looked at the phone and told my husband that it's going to be my mother telling me that grandma had died. Sure enough, she did die that night and it was my mother calling to tell us the news.

I live in Virginia Beach and my grandmother lived in Rochester, NY. I flew up to Rochester for the funeral with my parents. The pastor for the funeral was a short black woman with a sense of humor. I was so thrown back by this that I had to tell the pastor the story. The pastor had told me that I have a gift and never to forget this. The following days we were scheduled to fly out of Rochester but our plane was canceled and there were no other planes scheduled to get us back home so we had to go back to my Aunt and Uncles house for the night and take another flight the next day. Most all the care giving was taken care of by my Aunt who had spent a lot of her energy taking care of my grandmother (her mother). She had taken care of my grandmother prior to her having to have full time nursing care. Everything seemed to fall on her and I knew she could really benefit to know about my dream. I felt that the plane being cancelled was just another sign that I was suppose to give Aunt Bonnie this message. She felt relieved to know that grandma was "okay".