Call For Help

I had been keeping my boss's kids since she gave birth to the youngest of three. BJ. was a beautiful loving little boy. We became very close. One day when he was about 6 months old I found out how much he truly meant to me. Everyday between 4 & 5 pm his mom and I would leave him with her oldest child for less than an hour to allow my boss to drive home from our job and for me to get there to take over. Nichole was 11 and had always proven quite capable of caring for him for this short period of time.

On this one day though I feel strongly that god knew I would be needed there. I was dressed for work and ready to leave. I checked on the girls and asked Nichole is she had everything under control until her mom got there, she said they would be fine.

I walked out to my car and it wouldn't start. I lifted the hood checked all the reason's it could be giving me trouble and nothing seemed out of order. The car always started and from appearance I could see nothing mechanical that would be keeping it from starting. I finally just closed the hood and went back inside.

The kids were in the den watching TV. and B.J. was crawling around on the floor playing with his toys. I went upstairs to call the kids mom and let her know I wasn't on my way to the job and that the car was acting weird. She told me to just wait there until she arrived home and I would take the van she was driving. Just as I'd hung the phone up I hear Nichole at the bottom of the stairs screaming my name.

I ran down the stairs and she had B.J. in her arms screaming that he wasn't breathing. I looked at B.J. and his lips were blue, he was struggling hard to breath but no air was getting through. He had foam coming from his mouth. Right away I figured he was choking. Nichole said he had eaten a sunflower seed. I took him from her and went into the kitchen where I immediately turned him over and did the hymlic on him. I thought for sure this would work. When I raised him back up I realized it hadn't worked and he was still blue and getting bluer by the moment.

He became limp in my arms. By this time I was frantic. Something deep inside me called out to god, I ask for help. It was then that I became very calm, turned him over again and went through the necessary recommendations for a choking child. He was not breathing at all. I had him upside down in my arms with his head facing my feet and pressed hard on his abdomen while at the same time patting him hard on his back. I heard a ping, ping bounce on the floor and looked down to see a penny bouncing around. When I pulled B.J. up he took a deep breath and nestled down into my shoulder.

Then I held him close and realized just how much he had come to mean to me in his short six months on earth. As I held him I walked into the TV. room with him, sat in the chair and just held him and cried. I thanked god for his part in all of this, foreseeing that I would have to be there to help. When the kid's mom got home I went out to look at my car, put the key in and it started right up. I'm amazed at how god knows and prevents it anyway he must to keep his angels near our children. I will always remember this and know deep in my heart that it was divine intervention that caused my car to stall so that I would be there when B.J. needed me.