Saved Two Times

I'd like to tell you what happened to me and my dog just yesterday afternoon. We left the park on our afternoon walk about 2:00 and instead of heading home our usual way I decided to go a different route to look at a house that has recently been built in the neighborhood.

This is an area of beautiful well-kept older homes, and this one is the first to be built in many years, so I wanted to peek inside before it was sold.

There's a very steep set of steps going up from the sidewalk to the house, and when we got there I said, no, maybe not. It would just KILL ME to climb all those steps. I said this out loud, and for some reason the dog turned and looked at me. So we started across the street, but halfway across there was a tremendous loud cracking sound and I turned in amazement to see a tree limb about 20 feet long drop from an oak tree on the sidewalk and land on those steps!

If we had climbed those steps 20 seconds earlier we could have been killed.

Was my guardian angel protecting us? Yes, I think so. This is the second time my angel has been there to keep me from harm.

I was taking my dog out at 5 am one morning and just as we got to the foot of the steps a small silver car pulled up to the curb and then a red car right behind it. Nobody got out of either car. Normally we would go down to the corner, cross the street, and come back on the other side, staying in sight of my front door all the time. But I heard this very insistent voice clearly in my head that said "Don't go past that car." So we went the opposite direction instead.

Just as we got to the corner there were five gunshots, so close I thought I had been shot!! The people in the red car had shot at the silver car. We were scared silly but not harmed at all. We would have been right in the line of fire if we had gone past that car.

I thank God for that voice!