I came across your web page after doing a google search on "miracles and angels". am very much a believer in the other world that most of us cannot see yet, but do experience from time to time.

My angel experience happened about 4 years ago, I was 27 years old. I don't share this with many people, I guess not many people would believe me, and then might just think I'm crazy.... but I will tell you, because I know you won't, and you might just believe me.... this is my true story as I remember.

My nana had an aneurysm in one of the arteries near her heart. The aneurysm got to a considerable size, and the specialists wanted to operate. The operation would give her another ten years on her life, she was 74. So my nana had the operation, and she survived. However, there were complications that affected her afterwards. The circulation in her body was very poor prior to the surgery, much worse than the doctors expected. I don't know all of the medical terms, but I know this caused her to be paralyzed from the waist down. For some reason also, she wasn't allowed to eat or drink post the surgery, I honestly don't remember why, perhaps I've blocked certain things. Nana could only suck on ice cubes. She wasn't very well. I lived an hour from the hospital and every day my mum and I drove to see her after I finished work...

I came home from the hospital one night, and cried so hard in the kitchen of my house. The pain I felt was like nothing I had ever experienced before. I was so scared for my nana, and the thought of losing her, made me feel like I would not be able to go on living. So while I am crying and praying, leaning over my kitchen bench, I felt a wave of warmth wash over me, it came through the back of me all over. Suddenly a thought appeared in my head, saying, "everything is going to be alright". Instantly I stopped crying, and felt a sense of relief as if I knew nana would be ok.

That night I lay in bed reading, with the bedside light on. I was alone, my partner at the time worked afternoon shift, and wasn't due home for another hour or so. I felt a presence, and looked toward the bedroom door. I saw a white figure, which was nana,

but at the time it didn't occur to me that's who it was. She was in the hospital, so I never even considered the possibility. It's really quite difficult to explain, the figure was like an apparition, and it was hovering somehow, because there were no legs standing on the floor. But I felt absolutely no fear, and the even weirder thing is I looked at it, felt quite warm, then reached over and switched off the bedside light. As if nothing had just happened.

The next morning I awoke, feeling strange. Like something wasn't right. I phoned my mum, and she wouldn't answer the phone. It was 7:00 am, she should be home. Trying to be rational, I told myself she was walking the dog. I started getting ready for work, and then phoned her again 30-40 minutes later. Still no answer. Then I knew the feeling I had in my gut was right, I phoned the hospital and the nurse told me our nana had a heart failure during the night and was submitted to intensive care. I didn't even think, I just got ready and drove to the hospital. On the way down in the car, a thought came into my head " you will write a poem and read it at the funeral". Then I felt awful, nana wasn't dead, and she was in intensive care. How could I think something like this? That is not me at all....

Once arriving at the hospital, my mum, aunty, and my pop were all there in the waiting room, all three of them had been crying. We didn't get to see my nana for a few hours, and when I did I stepped back and leaned against the wall of the hospital. She was on a respirator, it was breathing for her. It wasn't even her, only her body. It was all too surreal. We then had a meeting with the doctors, to discuss taking her off the respirator, which we did. She passed away within half an hour. But to me she had already passed over, and it was only man's technology keeping her appearing to be breathing.

So now I look back and I see all of the signs, that at the time I didn't really notice, angels exist. The warm feeling that washed over me while I was praying, the apparition - which I now know was my nana, checking over me before she died, the feeling that something wasn't right in the morning I awoke, the thought that popped into my head about writing and reading a poem at my nanas funeral, all signs. I truly believe thoughts can be in our head, which we think are ours, but are put there by angels or spirits (sometimes good or bad). As a way to communicate, perhaps reassuring us, or warning us.

This story is quite long, and for that I must apologize. I could have cut it short, but didn't want to cheat you on the whole of the story. You may feel it is too long to post on your web page, and that is ok. I feel better just by talking about this again, so already you have helped me, and for that I thank you.

Leisa Davis