Angel in the Sky

One day I was driving to work in the morning. As I was driving I looked up in the sky and I thought "wow" what a beautiful picture it was form of a cross in the clouds. As I continued to drive to work I wanted to get a picture of the cross I saw in the sky on my camera phone so I pulled over to the side of the curve and as I turned around to back up my car I saw second cross on a school book mobile. I thought huh! that's strange a cross in the sky and now a cross on a moving mobile.

As all this was happing I remember I was feeling very grateful for everything that is in my life and How I was so grateful to my lord for everything that has happened in my life.

Please see the picture that I took that morning on my camera phone in the sky that morning. The only difference is that the cross doesnŐt appear in the picture instead a form of a angel with wings appeared.

If anyone is out there that need a little proof please look and know that I truly believe this was a sign from above to show us that he really does give Angels charge over us to protect us and to bring glory to him through us.

I truly am grateful for my family and friends. Know you are loved.