I had just had my third child, a son, now i had three children under 5 to care for, all planned and all very much loved. However my second youngest now was having a hard time dealing with his new sibling and the changes that he bought to the household and obviously to his relationship with me. His tantrums were unbearable and i was so tired all the time i was beside myself trying to deal with him in a non threatening way. I was also feeling terribly guilty at the upset to this little mans life.

I was a mess, couldn't get the housework done, generally feeling like a real failure because i could not console my child, verging always on losing my temper. I was also at the point where i wasn't comfortable leaving the house.

However on this one day my son had a dreadful tantrum and i just felt that if i remained in the house any longer alone with the children i would lose it and hurt him. I was at a very low point but thankfully still had my logic. In an instant i bundled the baby into the pram and had my 2 and 3 yr old ready to go......not knowing where, just to get away from the house. We eventually stopped at a park on the main road, not many people stopped there. I sat and watched my two eldest play and rocked the baby. A lady whom i had not noticed asked me how i was coping with three young ones.

Strangely for me i did not pretend to be the perfect mother. She asked me if my middle son was having problems, i said YES..with such releif, she went on to tell me she had the same combination of children and that her second youngest had his last tantrum 3 weeks to the day after she had her last baby. She emphasized this time frame in a way i never forgot. That she felt helpless and hopeless but you just have to hang on and remember that it does stop.

Going home i felt a sense of relief, as though somehow i was meant to meet this lady and chat with her...and you know three weeks to the day after my youngest was born my son had his last tantrum and he has been the most loving and placid child ever since.

Be her an angel or be her not, the coincidences were amazing, the value in that meeting was immeasurable, it was for me a life changing experience therefore she was without doubt to me, my Angel

Thankyou for your wonderful site and for taking the time to read my experience.