Thoughts of My Angel

While in despair and out of a job, I looked to the Heavens above.
I prayed, to my Guardian Angel Gabriel, in which he sent me so much love.
I asked him to find a job for me, in a lace place near my home.
I looked in the yellow pages and found a number to call.
I spoke to a lovely lady. She said I had the job!
Then I got off the phone and just began to sob!
She said to wait for three months and call her back again.

I started to go to school for computers then I got a call from her. It was part-time, until someone came back. I wanted to take that job but, was training for computers. I did go for the interview and she said, keep me in mind. She gave me her card with her name on it. While walking out of the Lace Place, I looked upon her card. Her name rang out so in my mind, I'm never alone and this is true her name was GABRIEL and he was with me too!!!

I don't lose sight of my angel for he'll be with me my whole life through!