Rosewood Beads

Angels seem to hang out in hospitals a lot. Being a nurse for 36 years, I should know. I have many, many stories, about angels that I know from experience. But my favorite story happened at Church.

I had always been close to God and was raised a Methodist. After my husband died at 43, I found myself finding a great deal of comfort from my Catholic friends. I wanted to become a Catholic. So here I am, after all these years, taking Catechism, and becoming confirmed in the Church. I had gone to the evening Mass. I would go in early and relax and pray and meditate. Usually the Church was empty. This day, I was looking at a little plastic rosary, that some child had left on the bench. I went into the front to see if I could see anyone. The Priest had been out there, taking confessions and was just coming out of the booth. I asked him if he might know who the rosary belonged to? He said, those were the little rosaries they gave to children who were just beginning. He was in a hurry to get back to the rectory.

Another Priest was to give the evening Mass. I said I didn't have my rosary yet. I needed to get one. I gave it to the Priest, and he went on home. I went back into the Church Santuary. It was still empty. I sat down. Then this tall, blond, man, dressed in grey slacks and a sweater walked up to me. He was beautiful, with piercing, crystal, blue eyes. "I have a rosary for you". He said. He had several rosaries around his neck, under his sweater. He selected one, and handed it to me. "Its very old." he said. I said, "Oh, thank you!" I looked at the rosary he had placed in my hand. It was indeed, very old. It was made of rosewood beads with a very antique, looking crucifix.

When I looked up to thank him again, he was gone! How could he have disappeared that fast? I since have gone to that Church for many years, and have never again seen the handsome stranger. I am convinced that it was another angel. One reason why I am so sure, he seemed to have a glow to him. Also, men do not wear rosaries.

They are always held in their hands.

They are meant to be prayed.