Spanish Prayer

YOU at EARTHANGELS: I have longed to write to you about my story. Now I have my chance thanks to the computer. Well here it goes. On Ocotober10,1996 is when it took place.

My husband use to pull mobile homes and I use to follow in front or in back sometimes. We had a mobile home to take in to South Carolina on this day. Well from the time we got on the road everything went wrong. We just had a bad day. If it wasn't the tires on the mobile home it was other things. We ended up dropping the home in North Augusta,Ga. So we were on our way home traveling down US 1. Of course I got sleepy and crawled in the sleeper berth of the toter truck[My vehicle was being towed by the toter]. We got between Lyons and Vidilia,Ga on US 1, and I woke up and got on my knees cause I heard my husband saying something and that's all I knew.

Next thing I knew I was on the highway of US 1. A drunk driver hit us head on. He was on our side of the road. When he hit us he hit on the passenger side of the toter. He went under the passenger tire which made us spin around one time. In between that spinning is when I was forced out the windsheild of the toter.

My husband was still in the truck. The vehicles caught on fire. I was thrown about ten feet from the truck. This left me with my right shoulder broke, a broken dislocated left shoulder, jaw broken in two places, and I had 46 stitches on my head. There was blood flowing out my head. The toter was exploding. As I was laying on the highway I remember these two spanish ladies. The older lady put a pillow under my head and put my head in her lap, she had the other go get a blanket to cover me with. The older lady prayed and prayed for me. I even think at one time she was crying. So to me this lady is my EARTHANGEL. I wish I can meet her to tell her thanks. But, if I never do she will always be in my heart.