God Loves Me

My encounter is one that I will never forget. I was not a big supporter of religion but was shown a couple of angles one day that I am forever grateful to. When I was very young I moved away from home for the first time to New York for a new job. As money was tight, I took the bus to and from two airports (as I was a flight attendant at the time). One day, I was feeing quite confident in my bus routes and timing and I began to daydream not realizing the bus took different routes on the weekends.

To make a long story short, we were in a very bad area of town and the bus driving announced that this was the last bus stop on this route and everyone must get off. I got off the bus and was in an immediate state of distress, my mind was searching for ways to get out of the situation safely. This was before cell phones and I started walking hoping to find a pay phone to call a cab, I say three men approaching and asked the first woman I saw if I could use her house phone as I knew I was in danger. She did not speak English and the men were fast approaching, just as I realized that I would have to confront them and hope for the best, a red VW bug pulled up on the curb with 2 girls inside.

They told me that I did not belong in the area and to get into the car asap. Weighing my options I got into the strangers car, they asked me where I was trying to go. I told them that I was trying to get to JFK airport but that if they could take me to a safe area that I could find my way from there. They insisted on taking me all the way to the airport where I not only arrived safe but on time for work. I expressed my gratitude and told them that I had $5 with me and I really wanted to take it for gas at the least. They refused the money and told me to remember as I got out of the car that God Loves Me. Like I said, I never thought much of angels or worship, however any time I tell this story I get goose bumps and a warmth comes over me as I know someone is watching and taking care of me. They say that God gives you only what you can handle and that day the (2) angels knew I needed them and came to my rescue.