Grandms's Love

One night, 3 months after my grandmother's passing I was walking on my treadmill and became very emotional about her death and many other things going on in my life, I remember seeing a TV show that said sometimes your loved ones will come to you in your dreams to let you know they are ok. With that in mind I said as I was walking please let me know you're ok, somehow, someway. I miss you and I am so sorry you are gone, and I didn't have time to grieve seeing I couldn't go to the funeral. I finished up my exercise and eventually went to bed. That night I had the most amazing dream, so many details and so spiritual it made me wake up crying.

I dreamt I was at an airport with my family and we were all going on this trip except I got left behind with the wrong luggage and no purse for identification,

As I frantically searched for a map to where my family was going, I got directions from a family friend saying take 110 to 10 and you will find it, So I set out in a rental car driving alone down this freeway with no cars on it, I remember seeing an exit that said 10 and couldn't remember if that was it or not so I took a chance and turned, all the while my husband shows up in the dream driving the car and I'm not alone anymore, feeling better I said you need to slow down and just as I said that he made a sharp turn and we were parked at this BEAUTIFUL cathedral with such amazing color and everything about it was so peaceful.

I remember walking in with my husband and now appears my youngest son who is 1 yrs old. I remember holding him and looking around at how beautiful this church was and how quiet and peaceful it was, just then I look down the aisle and I see these 1920 couches with rugs used as blankets on them, only two to a couch is what we are being told (by an angel). Just as I see one couch available I look to the side of me and see my grandmother beautiful as ever and so healthy standing next to my husband, she looked at me and said, "I'll take the baby and sit there, you don't worry about a thing" I handed him over to her and she said "you two need to go and sit up there in the front of the pews". I remember looking back at her with my son as if my husband and I weren't there and she was rocking my baby boy back and forth and patting his bottom as she did when he was an infant and giving him this very pure clear water to drink. I then woke up. I was very emotional from this dream because it was so detailed and yet at the end there she stood my grandmother just as she was when she was healthy before she died of our heart condition in the family.

I know the angels listened and had her come to me in my dream that night knowing I was in deep depression and missing her so much. It is amazing what the angels will do for you if you just ask!

Thank you for letting me share my story!