Poor Peter

When Kayla, our oldest granddaughter, was young maybe 3 + 1/2 or 4, she and I were lying on my bed watching a child's movie called Fraggle Rock (it was one of her favorites). She told me about Peter, having a dog named Thrasher. Often she would tell us some really "old fashioned ideas, or the words were sort of old fashioned" that Peter had told her. (We thought Peter was completely in her imagination, but couldn't figure where these old-fashioned words or ideas came from.

But we didn't encourage her, or discourage her. We wouldn't bring the idea of Peter or Thrasher up to her, but we would listen to her and be amazed by the many things she would tell us from time to time. (We didn't ask her a lot of things, so she would not feel like she had to just make up answers or whatever, and she was not a child just to make up stories)

Anyway, we were laying on my bed watching her movie one Sunday and Kayla told me that Peter has a dog. I said, "Oh, he does?" She said he's an old dog, his name is Thrasher. He doesnŐt do much anymore." I said, "do you happen to know what color Thrasher is" like your dog Pepper is black and white?" She said, "no, he don't exactly have a color anymore, he's an old dog" and went right back to her movie. Then she sat straight up and said, "Gold, Thrasher is goldÓ and laid back down (watching her movie). Then to my amazement, she sat back up with a confused look on her face and asks, "What did I say? "I told her you said Thrasher is gold." Well, she looked really puzzled then and asks, "What does that mean?" I simply told her that gold is a darker shade of yellow. She said "oh" and went back to her movie.

One time she told us "poor Thrasher got hurt when he was living" I ask her how and she said "he used to be a living puppy, and he got really hurt by one of those thrashing things". (I am 52, my husband is 60 and where we live, no one uses thrashers, and neither of us has ever seen one being used, at all. So it's not something anyone around here even talks about).

Another time she told me "grandma, I am worried about Peter" so I ask her "why?" She said, "Peter isn't growing anymore", and seemed right upset. I ask her "well how big is Peter?" She told me "he's almost as big as me, but he used to be bigger than me." Then she added, "Oh, he said he can't grow anymore, he'll never get big." She seemed so sad telling me... then she said, "Poor Peter, he didn't live long. "

I have no idea the purpose of any of these things. But many more times she talked about Peter, until she was five years old or a little better, then she never brought the subject up anymore. I do believe that children see things that grown ups do not, or cannot see.