Prayer Answered!

It was in June 1995 my only child my son was diagonised with leaukemia. Our world fell apart on hearing the news. But I had made up my mind to accept it and fight it. I wanted to give my son all the courage to be strong and fight it. I told my husband and all my family members not to cry and not to treat him like a sick child.

It use to pain me to see such a small child poked with needles, the pain with all the side affects of the chemotherapy, losing his hair, losing weigth. He had to be in isolation because of his low immunity. He has no social life except hospital and home. The hospital fortunately had a child support group and would arrange volunteers to keep the children in the cancer ward entertained all through their stay in the hospital. In fact my son would look forward to being admitted in hospital as he loved it there. He enjoyed the love, care and attention he received from the doctors and nurses. It was like half the battle won.

How could it be possible that a two and a half yr old sit up in pain in the middle of night and not cry? Instead he would console me his mother and ask me not to worry and go back to sleep. I believe he was surrounded by Angels who were making it so easy and simple and giving him so much strength and maturity to bear it all.

I prayed day in and day out, all my loved ones and well wishers too did. It was at that time one of my clients asked me to go to the novena and pray to Mother Mary fOR 9 weeks and she would answer my prayers. And I DID. Believe it or not I won 3 lotteries which helped me pay the medical bills since I could not claim insurance. My sons blood report started improving each week. It was prayers and my faith and trust and my acceptance, belief and positive state of mind which all worked together to give positive results and thank God today my son is a smart, intelligent, compassionate boy, now 15 years old. I feel so proud when parents, teachers, strangers have beautiful things to say about him.

Definately it was angels and some divine intervention that gave us the strength to go through it all so bravely. When I Look back I cannot imagine how did I go through it all. Surely the angels and God was with us all the time. I went to Lourdes, France to thank Mother Mary and my husband and I go regularly to give our gratitude as even now the Angels are helping, guiding and protecting us daily. I call on them and they are always there.

The reason for me to share my story is to let people know prayers can move mountains. Miracles do take place! Nothing is IMPOSSIBLE ..its I'M POSSIBLE.


Thank you God! THANK YOU Angels.