Angel Protection

I had a few events with what I can only define as evil entities on Halloween week, 1998.

The first encounter happened as I was teaching some friends how to play tennis during our lunch break from work. The tennis courts were located at a High School near work. Frequently the school's gym classes would be held outdoors on the track, football, or soccer fields near the courts.

This particular day, there were several students who were excused from the activity sitting against the fence of the tennis court next to us. One student, in particular seemed fixated on the activity on the courts. I noticed he was watching us play, but didn't think much of it as I, myself, often enjoy watching people who are having fun. A ball we were hitting with went out of bounds and rested against the fence in front of the boy. I walked over to retrieve the ball, when I noticed that the boy was staring right at me. I had bad feelings which became stronger as I came closer to the boy.

The feelings weren't making sense to me. He was just a boy. What would I have to fear about a High School boy? I didn't want to make eye contact with him, but at the last minute, I had an urge to look at his face. At the time I looked, approximately three feet from him, I could only see eyes on his face. The rest of his face was undistinguishable to me, and looked as though it was covered in open flesh and blood. I quickly retrieved the ball and went back on the court near my friends. I tried not to seem shaken, but I was. Shortly thereafter, his class went back inside the school.

I asked my friends if they had seen the boy. They both recalled seeing him, but not up close as they were on the opposite side of the court. Throughout the rest of the afternoon at work, I was praying quietly for protection. Upon returning home, I had forgotten the activities of the afternoon. I retrieved my voice-mail, only to have messages from "The Children Of Satan". Talk about getting rattled. I began to pray harder.

I knew my prayers had been answered the next afternoon. I was car-pooling home from work with a friend and was in the left hand turn lane of an intersection 2 miles from my house. We were stopped, waiting for a green left-hand turn signal, when I noticed a girl in a car to my left waiting to pull into traffic from a gas station also at that intersection. The movement inside her car caught my attention. I thought she was moving her head and hands to music inside her vehicle.

O.K., I'll admit it. I am easily amused by watching this type of behavior in automobiles. However, when I looked more closely, I realized that she wasn't singing. She was screaming at cars that were traveling past her. And flipping them off. She wasn't yelling at anyone in particular, but rather everyone. I thought it couldn't get any more weird. It did. She picked up something dark and brushed it against her cheek. I tried to rationalize it as her jacket. It wasn't. It was a black cat.

Just as we were about to complete our left hand turn, I was afraid that she would make eye contact with me. And, to be truthful, after the week I was having, I really didn't need it. I became frightened. Just at the moment she should have seen me, something happened. She didn't. She looked right through me. It was as though I wasn't even there.

I knew at that moment my prayers for protection had been answered. My story looks like one from a drug re-hab patient. It isn't. I don't often mention it. You can imagine the response I'd get if I did. I haven't had any experiences like it since. I hope never to again.

"Karen Fodera"