Life is Precious

On June the 12th of this year 2006,I was on my way to my singing lesson. It was one of those day's that, nothing was going right, rushing to try and get everything done.

I had to take my daughter to the hospital to have her scan,she was having her first child, my first grand child. The doctor was running late that meant that I was going to be late for my appointment.

I took my daughter home to her house and then made my way to my lesson my husband said that he would drop me off and go and park the car and meet me later. We had arrived just yards from the house where I go. We had to stop at the traffic lights, I decided to get out while the car had stopped, I new the driver of the car next to us could see me so I thought that it was going to be ok. No It wasn't,I forgot about the other lane the lights had change to green and there was a taxi coming very fast everything happened so fast my husband was watching everything he thought that I was going to be killed. The taxi stopped just missing me I remember feeling the brush of air as the taxi stopped, there was two young girls standing to cross the road and they both ran to me screaming are you hurt you must be, you must be hurt, they said I don't understand something must have saved you.

I reassured the girls that I was fine, and I made my way to my lesson. That night I recalled everything that had happened that day and I knew that it had to be an angel I am forever asking the angels to help and guide me every day and I know that if it wasn't an angel it had to be my father, you see it happened to be is birthday that day, and my father past away 10 years ago. What ever it was I thank them from the bottom of my heart,if I had been killed that day I would have missed seeing my beautiful grand daughter being born. The birth of an angel so pure so wonderful.

Thank you for all your magnificent stories. Love & peace to the world.

Irene F