Several years ago, my mother and step-dad had taken a trip to Montana to visit the area where he was from. Driving from North Carolina to Montana is quite a drive and my step dad doesn't really like to drive as his job involves driving everyday. So my mom, feeling the need to help offered to drive for a while. So dad moved to the passenger side and went to sleep. They were on a long, straight Montana highway when she fell asleep at the wheel.

My mom had a brother, Paul who in 1970 died in the Vietnam War, on his first day. She cannot say how long she was asleep at the wheel, but she can tell you who woke her up. She envisioned her brother just as she remembered him in 1970 standing on the road 20 feet in front of her and calling out her name, "MARTHA, wake up"! She awoke to find her car drifting off the side of the road, corrected and glided to a stop. We believe that God sent her brother as her own guardian angel to save her and my dad because she had more work to do in this life. Thank you Paul, not only my uncle but also my Mom's private guardian angel!

In Christ's Love,