It's To Die For

Thinking about miracles makes me remember mine. About 3 years ago, I was in an accident, which injured my brain. I fell off a horse, and was in a coma for 4 days. Of what I hear, I was 'dead', but not chemically proven.

What I remember was what I call it's to die for. What the truth was that one of my neighbors died in a car accident about a month before my accident. What I saw during my coma was remembering being on chenille-like grass, and remembering that the surroundings were literally perfect. I didn't feel cold or hot.

I remember seeing a really high, very bright wall, but was not allowed past the wall to see beyond. It was then that I saw my neighbor, who tended to be more like a relative to me. Somehow, I knew it was her, but she didn't look old or sick, or even hurting. She hugged me and told me I have to go back, I have not finished 'the walk'. That was where my memory ended.

Today I see why I was not allowed to go beyond the gate. My whole life I really wanted to be a teacher. Though the accident left me with some short-term memory loss, as of now, I am a teachers' aid. As I have said to friends and family, if I die tomorrow, I would die happy.