Angel In The Sky

Several years ago, we were driving along on Interstate 10 West close to the Fry road exit, near Katy, Texas when all of a sudden my 14 year old son excitedly said, "Look Mom, there is an Angel." I said where? He said "look out your window to the right". I sure enough did and saw the Angel immediately in the sky. It was so huge. The angel was a man. I looked at the features of the face and it definitely was a man with the eyes closed. He had shoulder length hair. His eyes were shut. The next thing I noticed were the wings. The most beautiful feather like wings. I noticed the feathers like a swans so white and every detail so clear. You could see the softness of the wings. They went way above his head and spread out. He was wearing a robe of some sort. It was long to cover the feet. And his hands were folded just as if he were meditating or contemplating something. The robe covered the arms and entire body. He was made out of clouds. No other clouds were in sight. It was a clear day. An airplane flew by and looked like an ant compared to the size of the angel. The face appeared to be older. No bangs. The cloud color was a mixture of white and pink. I looked and blinked and looked again. The top part of the robe was smooth but the part of the robe from the waist down had pleats. There were a lot of pleats. I saw this Angel sometime during July 2004.

Karin T.

Hockley, Texas