Testing Me?

I was sitting in the rose garden behind my church after mass when an old man approached me and asked me if I had some change I could give him explaining that he was very hungry. I dug in my purse gathering all the change I could find for him all the while telling him that if he would just go to the stair beyond the garden that there was a pot of soup simmering on the stove just for people like him. I gave him all the change I could find and he said God bless you and turn around to leave, as I turned my eyes back to my purse I realized I could feel a couple of dollars in my purse so I immediately turned back and said I have a dollar or two you can have and the man was Nowhere to be seen! I could see all the way to the street on both sides and he was just gone! One minute there and the next second gone! I've always felt that he was an angel testing to see how I would treat one of his children.

Louise Williams
Huntsville Alabama