My Angel Drives

Thank you all for sharing your encounters with your has encouraged me to share my story too..which happened in 1976, but first I must drescribe my route for a better picture of the situation.

I live on the East side of Maui and worked on the West side which is called Lahaina. The pali, (cliff, mountain route), is the only way to get there (besides boat or plane) and it takes about 30-40 minutes to do so. There's also a look-out point for tourist to see another island across the ocean too.

I don't recall why I was late but I knew I had to break all the speed limits to get there on time. I was doing 50 in a 30-35 mile zone and was flying. At that high speed, I got closer to the scenic point and there were two cars that I HAD to pass or definitely hit them from the back. Well, I passed one and was right in line with the second car and right at the scenic point, to my horror, I was facing an oncoming tourist bus racing downhill towards me! Panic was beyond me, I had no time for that because the only way out of this sure death for me was to speed up and cut right in front of the car next to my right.

To top this off, the wind was so strong that my car was rocking so bad that I was sure that even if I made the cut, the car would definitely hit the bus on one of the "rocking". Well, I did make the cut (I don't how) and I remember just throwing my hand up, looked up to heaven and said "okay Lord, I'm coming home!"

I guess God had other plans for me because the bus was passing me in a trance like vision, my car stopped rocking and was going smoothly, I mean real smooth to where the wheel didn't go haywire and like nothing happened. I was in shock but I praised God and never drove like that again.

The best part is that I know had an angel at my wheels and why God sent me a "special driver" that day. I had and have a purpose to fulfill and it's my family that really needed and still needs me because they have a purpose to fulfill too...

We all have a purpose. God gave everyone a special talent to use for His Glory and He will not let circumstances, disasters etc., to stop or mess it up. Not even when the devil tries his hardest to do so... Our angels are on duty every day, till the Lord comes personally to take us HOME.. Mahalo! Nalani