The Cardinal

A very good friend of mine was in the hospital dying of cancer. I was in the backyard holding my cat, Meow. We both were looking at the sky at all the birds flying around. Just then a beautiful cardinal landed on my fence. He stayed there for about 45 seconds. Which was amazing considering my cat was meowing like crazy at him. He was just a few inches from us. He looked at me all the time and tilted his head back and forth as if he knew who I was. He finally flew away and a few seconds later reappeared and took off for good after that.

I felt like it was a sign from God trying to tell me something. When I went inside my daughter told me the Rabbi called. I called him back and he told me my friend just died. The Rabbi was at the hospital when he called. I believe that the cardinal was my friend who had just died and it was his way of saying goodbye to me.
Thank you for allowing me to tell this story